All testimonials are genuine and relate to treatment provided by Alexander Wood. They relate to a wide variety of conditions.


A priceless service! After only one treatment I am already able to pick my young children up without pain which I have been unable to do for a long time. Highly recommended! Karen P

I wish I had known about Alex Wood before I had surgery on my back.   I would urge anyone with any kind of skeletal  or muscular problems to have a consultation with Dr Wood.   This man really knows what he is talking about and has a wealth of knowledge and information.  I have total faith in his abilities and for the first time in many years am not in constant pain.   Its taken time, but he has changed my whole outlook on life, all of a sudden it doesn't seem so bleak.   I can't thank him enough.  Karen W. 


After 5 years of jaw and neck pain and seeing numerous doctors.... Had my first session and already the pain has eased! No more being miserable!! Hannah W

I was amazed at the relief I felt by the end of the first session. As I walked out my shoulder felt really relaxed and the following day I found that I had far more mobility, nearly pain free, than over the previous few months. There is a little way to go but I am very hopeful that my problem will be sorted. Anna S


Dr Wood is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and professional.  I had never needed to visit a chiropractor until I ruptured my Achilles Tendon in the summer of 2018. In 2019 I was still limping badly and using a walking stick but after just a few visits to Dr Wood, I now have no need for the stick and my walking has become much easier, his treatment has surpassed all my expectations. If you need a chiropractor, I absolutely recommend Dr Wood and his gentle touch. Sandie B.


I am so pleased to have found Dr Wood who combines chiropractic and acupuncture treatments.  A brilliant,  highly effective combination.  After one session the pain relief is immense . Can't wait for my next treatment. A Olivier.

Brilliant! Thank you for a very professional and caring treatment. I feel so much better today and am looking forward to my next visit. I will definitely be recommending Dr Wood to others. Marion E.

Excellent service from Alex.  Treatment very effective yet surprisingly gentle and relaxing. Knowledgeable, professional, explains everything clearly and makes you feel very at ease. I was in so much pain and doctor and pain killers did nothing.  So glad to have Alex recommended to me and would definitely advise anyone to see him.  S Marsh

The treatment I had today was really good I've never had acupuncture before it relaxed me so much I was falling asleep thank you Alexander wood Julie L

It was Great! Thank You! Noemi O


WOW - what can I say?  I have spent a lot of time and money over the last 12 months, going from GP to physiotherapist to osteopath to sports therapists, in a bid to rid myself of pain and understand what is going on with my pelvis and get my life back. The pain never went away but I was getting more depressed when being sent away each time with painkillers and told, do more exercises and maybe in time things might improve. Maybe?  And who's got time to go to Pilates classes 4 times a week and do an hour at home every day??  I knew that something was fundamentally and mechanically askew with my body so I thought I would try chiropractic and approach the problem with fresh eyes.  I chose Dr Alexander Wood at the South Coast Clinic and I am so glad I did.  After a thorough investigation and examination he gave me a clinical diagnosis that no one else had been able to do.  I now have a base from which to work on and under Dr Wood's instruction, a program of chiropractic and acupuncture to help solve my problems as I now know what is the matter with me (which is half the battle)! Thoroughly recommended. Nikki S    

I was very happy with my consultation and first treatment with the chiropractor. Before booking the appointment we had a good talk about what I could expect as help with my painful sciatica. The consultation was thorough, the treatment had some immediate effect, I was given posture advice and a gentle exercise plan and we discussed a treatment plan. I'm already sleeping much better and waking up with far less discomfort and no real pain. I feel very confident that I will be back to work soon with his help. Looking forward to my next appointment. Sue R

Professional and intuitive. I have been attending the clinic for treatment on historic neck, shoulder and back issues and felt very reassured by the informative and professional initial consultation.  The assessment was far more in depth than my previous experiences in body alignment and treatment - very reassuring.  There is an aptitude to go straight to the area that needs the most necessary work and I am given a caring and detailed explanation of what is required, with some useful, simple home exercises. I am delighted to say that my issues continue to improve and I have already recommended Alexander Wood, happy in the knowledge that they will be well looked after.  Laura L.


I found Dr Wood extremely professional, approachable and thorough.  After years of chronic back pain, I despaired of improvement, but after only one session I felt a reduction.  He suggested exercises which have helped enormously in the two days following his treatment.  This morning my McKenzie lumbar roll came, again a suggestion from Dr Wood, and what a relief from lower back pain it has given me today.  Dr Wood patiently explained all he did, and all I should do, to improve my health and fitness.  I am so pleased to have found his support.  

My first consultation was professional, thorough and friendly. Very confidence inspiring...Margaret P.


Mr Wood was very easy to talk to and very thorough. He totally put me at ease and I felt the benefit of my first treatment almost immediately. I am very optimistic that he can alleviate my problems. Anna C.


Fantastic chiropractor. Completely recommend!!! Joanna C 


Excellent professional service Y Harris


Excellent service and care. Wish I hadn't waited so long before trying this kind of treatment. M Edwards.


Always get a good service, and my treatment has been thorough and has worked! Sassie Y


Dr Wood has been my chiropractor for 3 years and I would recommend him to everyone. He really is a great help to me. Dr Wood is very professional and knowledgeable. I suffer with arthritis and his work really makes my life that much easier. June M


I have been very impressed with the quality of treatment i have so far received. Initial diagnosis was very thorough and careful, and treatment is already making a difference for the good. Dr wood has a very pleasant and straightforward manner and I have every confidence in him. Nicholas D


I have been having treatment by Dr Wood for 3 years and his treatment has kept me pain and drug free and has improved the quality of my life so much. He offers a very professional service and is a brilliant chiropractor. Heather W


Having suffered for many years with often very intense lower back pain, due to two slipped discs, the treatments I've had from Alex  have helped me immeasurably. He has successfully prevented any flare ups, and kept my back totally pain free for over twelve months now. Highly recommended. S Booth


I have been seeing Alex for some time due to an ongoing physical problem i've had for the past three years. After seeing many other professionals i had almost given up hope of finding a solution until I found Alex. Finally i am without constant pain. Stephanie H


Alex is extremely professional and the treatment is gentle and effective. I would highly recommend Alex to anyone. Gyn H.


I originally went to the clinic with a torn meniscus which was  100% repaired for which I'm very grateful. Having researched the surgical route this was far more beneficial. I was then involved in a car accident which caused further knee problems treatment is still ongoing. Graham W.


I'm really happy with the treatment I receive from Dr Wood. The non-aggressive treatment has worked wonders for my continuing back trouble. From being in total agony my pain has gone and is now a little occasional murmur. Continued visits are my choice as sometimes I push the boundaries of what I should do and his work keeps problems at bay. Susan R

Excellent treatment!  After being treated for a long term injury which meant I couldn't walk far without a lot of pain, I am now able to walk miles - with no pain! Other problems have been successfully treated as well!  Big thanks! G Horn


I have been very happy indeed with the course of treatment I am having with Dr Wood. Very thorough and careful diagnosis is coupled with very focused treatment and steady progress does appear to be being made. I would recommend him to anyone. Nick D


So grateful to have found Dr Alex Wood , my treatments are really helping. Thank you. D Cummins.


I am feeling much, much better.  I no longer have to use my walking stick or take my pain medication.  Dr Alex Wood has really helped me my mobility is much improved he is brilliant. Always receive beneficial treatments, with advice and follow up exercises. D Bell.


Absolutely recommended to anyone who'd like to stay out of a wheelchair. Reliable service and all ailments treated equally professionally. Cured my back, reflux, ankle and elbows. Money better spent here than on painkillers. A Hubert

Alex is an extremely talented person. He has enabled me to manage my back and muscle problems with regular treatments. I would highly recommend him to anyone. G Selby-Stocker

Dr Wood has kept me mobile through a broken leg and torn tendons. He is knowledgeable , effective & brilliant. A O’Leary


Very good.. to be recommended. M England


I've been seeing Alex once a month for over a year now, and having had ongoing and very painful problems in my lower back for many years due to slipped disc, he has managed to keep me pain free and mobile without any pain or stiffness returning. Also he is a very nice guy. Highly recommended. Simon B.

I found the service very professional and effective. I would recommend Dr Alex Wood to anyone. Yours sincerely, Lynda F.

Would highly recommend Alex as a chiropractor. He has helped with my back and shoulder pain. Have suffered for years with shoulder pain and after on me a couple of sessions the pain has now gone. The back pain as also Bern greatly reduced and have more flexibility and it has increased my energy levels. The practice is very welcoming and always feel 100% better when I leave. Alex is very approachable, sympathetic and knowledgeable. He is extremely professional in his manner and always felt in safe hands. Lorraine M


I was looking to have acupuncture alongside IVF treatment and I initially enquired over email as to whether this was something Dr Wood would be able to help with. I had a very prompt response from Alex which gave me lots of advice about the whole process. I was really impressed and immediately booked in for a session. Alex was very calm and professional and despite feeling a little bit apprehensive about the procedure (not a fan of needles!) I was immediately put at ease. I had three treatments in total alongside my IVF and Alex went above and beyond to ensure that I was able to receive treatment at the optimum time, including a very last minute appointment out of hours. I would thoroughly recommend his services. B Meugens


Since having Alex treat my back I have felt much more mobile and less disjointed and its always a relief after ive seen him. Why do I leave it so long I ask myself?, so I decided to buy a group of 10 sessions at a discount and that ensures I keep up with my regular treatments. Thanks Alex. Gina S


Enjoy my treatments and what it's doing for my back. J Waffle


Life saver. Always go in a pickle and come out better. Trudi W

I have been using Alex for two years plus now. Having osteoarthritis I won't be "cured" but without doubt the treatment I receive has enabled me to gain some normality back in my life. I also find Alex honest about treatments, something the NHS struggles to be. R Noakes.


I have lived with ME for  20 years  and  transverse myelitis for five years .  A car accident in May 2016 left me in a lot of pain and appeared to have a major impact on my  ME.  After physio and some horrible pain relief medication I tried acupuncture .  I have  to admit I was skeptical to begin with but I’m just about  to attempt my first day without pain relief thanks to Alexander .  This is after just three sessions . Anita B


My visit to Alex was due to neck and shoulder pain mainly.  Alex got straight to the root of the issue and by the evening, I could feel the effects of the treatment starting to work.  I would highly recommend Alex.  He is very knowledgeable, holistic and the best chiropractor I have ever been too. L Leslie


I have visited the Alex on several occasions now and Alex is really making a difference on improving my symptoms. My neck and shoulder pain is far, far less and my dizziness and focal migraines are much improved too. I would thoroughly recommend this practice to anybody that requires treatment. Joanne L

Amazingly good. I have found Dr Alexander Wood at a moment where both me and my partner were having excruciating back and neck pain. He managed to get my partner better in 3 sessions and gave up taking strong painkillers, and since then I am a regular customer of him.  Now pregnant, with lower back pain and an absolutely blocked nose. Thanks his acupuncture and chiro manoeuvres I am back to normal and sleep better. Thank you, Dr. Wood!  Oona S


Excellent service, clean comfortable treatment room and effective gentle treatment, thank you for relieving my pain. L Clarke


I would highly recommend Alex and have already done so to several friends. Alex such professional skills. He reassured me about my knee issue being muscular and linked to tendons.  There has been a vast improvement and I am now back at work.  Alan S

I have been having acupuncture treatments now almost weekly since Nov last year.  I tried it as a last resort. All I can say is how I wish I had tried it years ago.  I have complex muscle skeletal problems and ME/CFS .  I suffer with high pain levels and the impact on my ME increases my fatigue. Since having the treatments my fatigue has been so much better and this enables me to cope with the pain levels. Don’t wonder if it might help, just book an appointment. Thank you, thank you , thank you for giving me my life back xxx Anita

Excellent thank you. Always a good service. Been few times now and always had my problems sorted and I will always go back there. D Young.


Simply brilliant! Thank you, I feel really limber again. M Eaton


Haven not enough words to describe the feeling after treatment. Brilliant dr Alex. R Eniko.


I started seen Dr. Alex Wood for neck pain and headaches. I was doing a physically demanding job, which made things worse. I must admit that I was very surprised when the headaches and the pain eventually went away, even though I continued working at the same job.  There is now surprise that all the reviews I found about Alex were excellent! He is very knowledgeable and professional. Always friendly and willing to answer questions about the treatment and beyond!! N Gripp.


Very knowledgeable and efficient.  Sorted my neck problems & headaches out within just a few sessions.  Would strongly recommend. I Richards-Esposto.


Dr Alex Wood is my hero!!

After only 1 visit I feel so much better and almost free from pain. Can’t wait to see what happens after further visits. Everything fully explained before treatment commenced so felt very relaxed and confident in his ability. MaryLou G


hi this is a note to say how brilliant Dr Wood is very friendly an very effective i would defo recommend them Dr Wood is very good. P Thatcher.


Excellent, no fuss diagnosis and treatment plan presented.  Super relieved to have found someone who can help.  S Austin.


I had chiropractic for my sciatica. Didn't no what to expect, was put at ease straight away. Treatment was brilliant. Hurt for a few days after which I was told about. My sciatica seems to be a little better. At least another 3 treatments. S Wood


Excellent professional service. Better than any of the many doctors I have seen! Thank you.D Minnett


3rd treatment. No syactica pain now for 3 wks.  Back feels sooo much better.  Strengthening exercises next. But all in all im very happy I went.  S Wood


I come to Alex once a month, for Acupuncture treatments on my back, as I have two slipped discs at the base of my spine. Alex manages to keep it pain free, even when it flares up and becomes very tight and painful. I have had treatments from many practitioners over the years, and Alex is the best. Highly recommended. Simon.


I had my first assessment just last week, I learned more from this one appointment than I have from my GP's and the hospital, I am pleased to say my back is feeling better already and I have stopped using a walking stick, I have more healing to do yet, but I am hopeful for the first ime since Christmas. R Jackson.


Was warmly greeted. Felt at ease. Performed professionally. All my questions were answered. Looking forward to my next session! P Murray

Highly recommended. Has made a huge difference to my back. Marwan M.


I can't really put into words the difference my treatment has made, on both a physical and emotional level.  For the first time in many years I feel as though I am getting my life back, and even have pain free times. K White.


After my first appointment the intense pain was relieved.  Yesterday was my follow up appointment where the last twinges were relieved.  I would highly recommend this practice . Assunta S.


Perfectly tailored appointments. Alex really takes the time to find the route of your problem/pain and listens at each treatment how you are and tailors the treatment to give the most beneficial help. Very happy with each appointment and get a lot of relief from his treatments. H Davis.