Rehabilitation can be used for a wide of variety of improvements;

  • It can be the final stage after a course of treatments to reduce pain levels.

  • It can be used to restore strength to an injured area.

  • It can be to restore or improve cardiovascular function.

  • Improve over all body strength.

  • Improve mobility.

  • Improve flexibility and control.

  • Improve balance.

  • Improve posture and movement patterns.


Using the latest research, you will receive a programme to address the relevant issues. Initially, the exercises are 1 on 1, but the intention is to give you all the information to be able to do a very quick, and daily programme at home. 


Of course, if you prefer to continue with the 1 on 1 sessions, you are welcome, but it will be more cost effective for you to continue at home. You will be shown how you get the correct equipment, that is inexpensive, and takes up very little room and can be used nearly anywhere. An exercise programme that is quick and effective.

Rehabilitation programmes usually fail for the following reasons: the exercises are not appropriate to the individual, they are too time consuming or they cause pain or damage. The programme will be tailored to you and will be straightforward and quick and very unlikely to create any post exercise soreness. 

Rehabilitation & Fitness

What to expect

What makes rehabilitation at Park View Chiropractie different?