Most would agree on the importance of nutrition, but despite all the research, it takes decades to filter to the public and policy makers. What may be seen currently as a good diet, could well be making you ill. An inflammatory diet not only can perpetuate muscle and joint aches and pains (this could be the reason why you’ve not responded to treatment in the past) but is linked with cancer, heart disease or autoimmune diseases.


What to expect?


You will receive a full consultation, and health assessment including current fat, muscle, water levels, together with blood pressure and heart rate assessment. Your goals will be discussed - do you want to lose weight, feel better, address pain levels, reduce your risk of heart disease or cancer.


After the consultation, I will draw up a specific diet plan for you and provide you with specific recipes for healthy and tasty food. Initially, the diet is for a 2-3 week period and we will monitor your progress.

How many sessions are required?


In terms of the number of sessions you will need, it is up to you. For some people, two to three sessions is all that is required; you will receive the information you need and know what direction you need to head in. For others, they may prefer more to keep up the motivation and to track progress. Whatever you decide, I am here to help.